Sunshine, light and nature!

A well-designed home maximizes the views of one’s surroundings, enhancing both the outdoor and indoor spaces.  Whether you’re considering a bucolic rural setting or choosing an odd-shaped urban lot, we’ll expertly position the home on the lot to make the most of the relationship between the outdoor and indoor environments.

There are many ways to design your home to bring the outdoors in.

  1. Blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces with large windows or moving glass wall systems.
  2. Choose earthy colors for paint, artwork and furnishings.
  3. Choose outdoor finishes and furnishings that reflect what’s going on inside to create a cohesive space.
  4. Design your master suite with a balcony to create an aura of tranquility.
  5. Add skylights to bring light in from above.
  6. Turn your view into artwork by framing the view through beautiful picture windows.
  7. Add transitional spaces (decks, verandas, gazebos, sunrooms) to connect the home with its garden surroundings.
  8. Including greenery in your interior space is an easy way to bring the outside in.Plants offer many benefits including clearing toxins from the air, producing oxygen while providing a naturally soft visual effect.
  9. Selecting natural stone surround for the fireplace or using natural stone tile and countertops add warmth and texture to the home’s interior.Wood walls and ceiling beams also create warm and welcoming environment.

Let us help you bring the outside in!

If you’re looking to feature these types of classic and timeless elements into your home, we can help.  Our talented architects and designers will expertly guide you through the custom home building process and will design a home that speaks to you.  To learn more about our custom home building services or available lots, contact us today!.

Thank you to Zawadski Homes for creating a beautiful and inviting home, with stunning views, that our family will enjoy for generations to come!