Contemporary Homes

What is a contemporary home?  Contemporary homes reflect the architecture of today, embracing the ever-evolving architectural styles of the 21st century.  Many contemporary homes embrace clean lines from modern design while placing an emphasis on natural and sustainable building materials.  These homes are popular because they allow for individuality.  

Contemporary homes borrow the features from modern design that were effective (e.g.  clean and simple lines, connection to the outdoors) and alters less useful features in order to personalize the space to meet the homeowner’s needs.  The ability to pick and choose characteristics to incorporate let to a strong emphasis on individuality.  Homeowners are free to design their homes in a way that truly works for them.  This may also be why contemporary design seems to be sticking around for the long haul.  Typically, contemporary homes try to bring the interior and exterior together to create a cohesive whole. 

Though contemporary design does place a strong emphasis on individuality, there are a few defining characteristics that are typically present.  For the exterior, the façade is often asymmetrical with a strong emphasis on geometric shapes.  Large windows and clerestory windows are used to flood the space with natural light while connecting the homeowners to the natural world around them.  Use of mixed building materials (e.g. wood and stone) and the use of recycled building materials is common.  For the interior, an open floor plan with one to two stories and lots of natural light is typical.  A flexible layout suited to meet the family’s needs is also a key component of contemporary design.  Contemporary interiors will often include the use of natural or recycled materials and may incorporate green systems for plumbing, heating and air conditioning.

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